Hospitalization/Critical Care

Clinic facility

Our facility has a 6-stall barn with runs, stocks, and differing ground surfaces (used to perform complete lameness evaluations). 

There is NO office call charge if you can haul your horse to us for an in-clinic appointment. 

The stocks can be extremely useful, or even necessary, for certain procedures in our equine patients. For example, geriatric patients sometimes will benefit from the support of the stocks for dental procedures. We can discuss if your horse may benefit from being seen in the hospital versus on the farm. 


We offer medical management to patients who have colic including intravenous (IV) fluids and pain management in the hospital. We will recommend and aid in referral to a surgical facility if colic surgery is an option for your horse. 

We require 50% of the quoted estimate to be paid at time of drop-off.

Rocky Mountain Equine Clinic also offers hospitalization for other medical treatments. Some examples include eye treatments (with or without a lavage system (SPL)), wound care (with or without bandaging), and uterine flushing for mares that had a retained placenta. 

Please call us if you have a horse you think could benefit from hospitalization. 

Surgical Services offered at RMEC

*Routine castrations in clinic or on farm (location is case dependent)

*Laceration repairs in clinic or on farm (location is case dependent)

*Dental extractions recommended to be done in clinic

*Enucleations (removal of an eye) must be done in clinic

*Other standing procedures in clinic (case dependent) 

We do not perform any other surgeries at our clinic or on the farm that require general anesthesia. Our veterinarians are happy to help aid in referral of these cases to a board-certified surgeon.


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Available for emergencies 24/7


Read What Our Clients Say

  • "I've been using Dr. Andersen as my equine vet for almost 3 years. She is smart and professional, and always has my horses' (and my) best interest in mind. She thoroughly evaluates each animal and takes the time to explain treatment options. She is also an outstanding chiropractor; my good barrel horse Danny loves her! An added bonus to the practice is Dr. Calvacanti. She is hard working, well educated and eager to learn. I trust my horses' health to Rocky Mountain Equine Clinic."
    Mandy M. D.
  • "I have my horse in retirement and went away to London for a week. On the second day of my trip I got the dreaded phone call that my mare was colicing. With a team effort London was trailered to Rocky Mt equine clinic. The staff was fantastic about keeping me up to date and keeping me sane. They were upfront about the situation and very supportive with my decision. They also were more then happy to allow my mares companion donkey to spend the night. THANK YOU ALL!"
    Hannah D.
  • "Dr Shiloh has been AMAZING with my mare. She has been so informative and so kind to not just me but to my baby as well. Talk about incredible patience and awesome bedside manners!! The work she’s done and her ability to explain it and do what’s best for the animal has me in awe. I am So glad she was recommended to me. I will always call her or recommend her and this clinic to anyone. Beautiful facility. Wonderful people. The best care my horse could have ever gotten."
    Chelsey W.